Student Internships @ LYONS

Each semester some Lyons students partake in our Internship Program.

Here are some of the Internships our HS students did in the spring semester of 2016:

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Alicja Rutkowski: Graham Child Care Center

Alicja worked with three-year-olds, helping them transition between snack time, nap time, and play time every day. She built a relationship with each child, and with the lead teacher whom she was supporting.

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Railyn Garcia: Bearcat Café

Railyn worked with baristas and chefs to learn how to prepare and serve various beverages and dishes at this local café. He learned the characteristics of different teas and coffees, and the detailed roles of all different jobs in the café, including barback, barista, runner, and assistant chef.

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Estel Arias: PratzonArt Restoration

Estel worked with veteran art restorer Jill Pratzon in her restoration shop. Estel learned some basic strategies for restoring antique art pieces, and practiced on many different types of art. She also learned how to use a computer system for cataloging and organizing the art.

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Stephanie Moran: NYC Department of City Planning

Stephanie worked at this NYC government agency, learning multiple computer systems that they use to organize projects that are under construction. Eventually, she led her own project, which was to organize a massive set of files into a library system so that members of the department could access archives from past projects when they needed them.

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Luis Moran: The Building Recording Studio

Luis worked with a studio recording engineer to learn how to engineer music and beats using advanced studio equipment. Eventually, Luis went on to create his own original beats and music using the equipment.

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Amauri Garraway: Whitenight NYC

Amauri worked at this carpentry and construction company. Sometimes he worked at their shop location, assisting professional carpenters who were building furniture and other items. Other times, he worked at a construction site, assisting with a gut renovation of a large Victorian home in Ditmas Park.

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Manav Paudel:

Manav worked at a journalism website that covers local news stories by neighborhood. He wrote some original news pieces, and also worked on marketing and social media platforms.

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Melanie Almenas: MongoDB

Melanie worked at a database company, learning about coding and programming in various languages. Eventually, she created her own research project, using a database language to model a complex math problem and collect massive amounts of data. She organized her results and then did a presentation for a whole team of software engineers.

Leonardo Gonzalez: Buttonwood Mementos

Leonardo worked for a company that makes corporate trophies and mementos. He learned multiple computer and database systems, including how to organize and track orders for the whole company on the UPS system. He worked closely with the president of the company to learn the ins and outs of how orders are placed and managed at all stages of the work.

Axel Mosso: Charterhouse Coffee Shop

Axel learned the ropes at this neighborhood coffee shop. He learned how to make a dozen different drinks, including specialty drip coffee, espresso drinks, cold brew ice coffee, matcha, and many different teas. This involved memorizing exact temperatures and weight measurements that are different for each beverage, and executing all steps perfectly – lots of science and math!

David Peralta: Zukkie’s Bike Shop

David learned the basics of bike repair from experienced mechanics at this neighborhood shop. He also learned about how a small business works, and how to interact with customers.

Axel Mosso: Sabrina Pena: Middle School 50, “Men’s Club”

Sabrina assisted a Health and Phys Ed teacher at the middle school. Her main role was to facilitate a special Health class called Men’s Club, in which boys would discuss issues related to growing up. She led the discussions, and also was able to articulate a female perspective so that the young men could see things from a different point of view.