Emily Rivera

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Emily Rivera is a Lyons Community School alumna, class of 2011. She grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and has been involved with community service throughout many community organizations in Los Sures (The Southside). After she graduated from Lyons, she decided to serve with AmeriCorps and help communities beyond New York City. She traveled across the country with AmeriCorps playing many roles such as; Peer Helper, Media Representative, and Physical Training Coordinator. She also worked alongside FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) doing Disaster Relief work as a Logistic Specialist for a year. When she returned to New York, Emily decided to return to Lyons Community School as a Dean of the Students. After her day with Lyons, she continues her day at a homeless shelter with youth and their families just to spread awareness of helpful programs in NYC for the youth. Emily hopes to pursue her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology-Childhood/Young Adult Behavior.

Emily can be reached at emily@lyonscommunityschool.org