Course Catalog

Beyond the traditional required courses such as Global History, Algebra, and Chemistry; Lyons also offers a variety of classes designed to help students obtain the required credits for graduation, deepen their understanding about content covered in their regular classes, experience all the resources our city has to offer, and explore topics that interest them.

Current MAP Classes (electives):

  • NYC in Film: Analyze great films (from old to new) set in New York City. Write critical responses to these films. Learn the language of film. Plan, write, and direct your own documentary. DO NOT expect to just "watch movies." This class is intended to be a college-like exploration of film-making. It's not easy to make your own short film--the final project will be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!

  • Photography 101: This class will introduce students to how to compose, shoot and edit a photograph. Students will read and research works by famous photographers and will travel around the city to create images. Among the assignments students will complete are a research paper, a photo story and a series of portraits of various objects and individuals. Interested students should be prepared to travel at least twice a month. (Art credit)

  • Theater Production: Designed for students who are interested in the nuts-and-bolts of theatre: how an actor prepares a part, how a set and costume are designed, how people make a living working in the theatre. We will prepare a production of famous Shakespeare scenes, interview working professionals, visit famous theatres, dig into theatre history, and perform team-building exercises – because in theatre, everyone must work together. Warning: NOT FOR THE TIMID.

  • Business and Baking: Learn the basics of running a small business, such as accounting, marketing, and management. Learn how to find recipes and use them to bake with care and precision. Be prepared to do reading and math every week, related to recipes, measurements, and money.

  • Restaurants and Rodents: In this course, you'll investigate the mystery of restaurant grades. They seem simple and straightforward, but what does an "A" or a "C" really mean, and who decides? To find answers, we'll interview chefs from fancy restaurants and neighborhood joints, health inspectors, and more. You'll be working with a professional artist to design a multimedia project that teaches others (outside the classroom) what you've learned.

  • Zoology

  • Spanish for Native Speakers