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Sarah Schauben-Fuerst

Assistant Principal

Sarah has taught sixth, seventh and eighth grade english and special education in Brooklyn for the past decade, and is so excited to be starting her second year of being the Assistant Principal of Lyons.  She has been at Lyons since 2008, the second year of the school, and considers it her home away from home.  

She believes in the power of conversation, and the importance of structure in the lives of middle and high school students, and she loves that Lyons embodies the idea that everyone, no matter where they come from or what decisions they have made before, deserves another chance.  When she's not talking to students about everything under the sun, helping teachers think about their teaching, and laughing at the humor that everyday at Lyons bring, she loves to throw dinner parties for her friends and family, take her dog to Fort Greene Park, and travel through all parts of Latin America. 

She can be reached at sarahs(at)