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Laura Rubin

Assistant Principal

Laura grew up in Brooklyn, NY, where she was raised by two generations of New Yorker/Brooklynites. She began working with young people in 2001 at a community arts organization called AS220 Youth in Providence, RI. While working there, she enrolled in Brown University’s Teacher Education Program to earn certification in Secondary Social Studies Education, which grounded her teaching philosophy in the work of Delpit, Freire, Seizer and the guiding principles of the Coalition for Essential Schools.


After moving back to New York City, Laura started teaching high school History and Social Studies at New Design High School in the Lower East Side in 2007. She joined the teaching staff of Humanities Preparatory Academy in 2012 after learning more about the New York Performance Standards Consortium, of which Humanities Prep is a founding member. Laura joined the vibrant community at Lyons in 2016 as an Assistant Principal, excited to support students, families, and teachers at the school-wide level.


Laura earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Brown University in Ethnic Studies, holds a Master’s Degree from New York University in Educational Theater, and trained in school leadership with the NYC Department of Education’s Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program.


Laura is passionate about working with young people, about education as a source of inspiration and a force for equity and justice, about the power of knowing and amplifying the voices, stories and histories of people who have fought, and continue to fight, for justice in the world, and about making and sharing art. Laura enjoys spending time with her family and friends, painting and drawing, and running in Prospect Park.

Laura can be reached at laurar(at)