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Miguelangel Gonzalez

Miguelangel is a Bushwick native who also lived in Chicago, Illinois. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in both History and Latin American Studies at a small liberal arts school called Lake Forest College. In 2012, after researching in Cuba for the summer, Miguelangel returned to New York to attend graduate school. In 2015, Miguelangel earned his Masters in Education and Social Studies at Hunter College School of Education. After graduation, Miguelangel worked for a year as a museum educator at the New-York Historical Society and a part-time substitute teacher. Miguelangel is a fan of the New York Giants, is a veracious reader, and enjoys writing short stories. He is also a Brooklyn-based activist that with a network of grass-root organizations, confronts various struggles for social justice in and near his community.

Miguelangel joined the Lyons team in the Fall of 2016 as the 7th grade Social Studies teacher. He is extremely thrilled to teach and give-back to his home community.

Miguelangel can be reached at miguelangel(a)