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Darron Burgos

Restorative Justice Coordinator

Darron Burgos is a member of the Pupil Personnel Team at Lyons Community School. Originally from the Bronx, Darron has been working for the last seven years with children ranging from kindergarten through high school in several New York City schools and after-school/summer camp programs.

Darron is a graduate of School of the Future, a small NYC high school with a model similar to our own here at Lyons, and plans to continue his own education in the very near future. He is also an aspiring writer and musician, whose other interests include reading, film and sports.

As a member of the Pupil Personnel Team, Darron is most passionate about talking to students and to their teachers in order to make sure that all channels of communication are open and clear. He believes that the more students and teachers understand about each other, the better the chances are for each of them to accomplish their ultimate goal.

Darron can be reached at darron(a)