At Lyons, staff is fully dedicated to the mission, vision and most importantly, the students, of our school. They are committed to continually improving their own professional practice.

We are always engaged in professional development to enable us to best meet the needs of our students. If we are going to provide the best possible education to our students, we need to be passionate about learning ourselves. We are well educated, well traveled and engaged in our work. Educating and supporting our students and community are crucial in improving our community and our world. We see our work as far more than a job. It is purposeful, extremely important and life-changing for our students and ourselves.

Interested in coming to work at Lyons?  Please send your resume, cover letter and statement of educational purpose to

Abby van Hemmen, 7th Grade Science 
Alan Gomez, 8th Grade Social Studies
Alana Burgos, 12th Grade Science and Health 
Anaís Alonso, Secretary 
Ari Del Rosario, on leave
Ashley Wofford, 6th Grade Math
Avram Kline, 12th Grade ELA
Bobby Costello, 10th & 11th Grade Math
Brenda Velazquez, CARA intern
Brian Frye, 8th Grade Learning Specialist
Brian McCormack, 9th Grade Math  
Caitilin Rose, School Counselor, Counseling in Schools
Candy Nieves, Receptionist 
Carmen Acosta, Guidance Counselor – High School
Chelsea Green, 9th Grade Art
Cindy Black, 9th grade ELA
Clayton Drinko, 8th Grade ELA 
Dan Espinoza, Restorative Justice Coordinator 
Dan Vitali, Urban Workshop, Internship Coordinator, 11th Grade Math
Daniel Filipak, 6th Grade Learning Specialist
Danielle Cota, 9th Grade Science
Darron Burgos, Restorative Justice Coordinator 
David Bally, 10th Grade Global Studies, PGC
Derek Deibert, 7th Grade Math
Emily Rivera, Youth Advocate 
Erica Hansen, 12th Grade Learning Specialist
Frank Greco, 7th Grade ELA
Italina James, ENL Resident
James Burke, 8th Grade Science 
Jason Meilands, 11th Grade ELA
Jesse Alexander, 11th Grade Learning Specialist, Restorative Justice
Jessica Trubek, Social Worker
Jim Pratzon, HS Theatre, ELA
Jody Madell, Program Director (Co-Director), 9th grade Social Studies
Jonas Shantz, 12th Grade Math 
Juan Ascona, Urban Workshop
Joshua Paverud, 11th Grade Science
Judi Socarras, School Counselor, Counseling in Schools
Justin Wischik, 7th Grade Art & 7th/8th Grade Field Studies
Kasi Addison, College Coach
Kiegan Munn, 8th Grade Learning Specialist Resident 
Laura Paddock, MS/HS ENL
Laura Rubin, Assistant Principal
Luke Janka, Assistant Principal
Lynn Perez, Paraprofessional
Martha Mahoney, HS Spanish
Mary Wright, SAPIS Counselor
Michelle Buffington, 10th Grade ELA
Miguelangel Gonzalez, 7th Grade Social Studies
Minerva Cantor, Parent Coordinator
Natalia Pacheco, Youth Advocate
Nazia Zakaria, 11th Grade Learning Specialist Resident
Nicole Beall, HS Chemistry
Oscar Bravo, HS Learning Specialist
Peter Litman, HS Field Studies, ENL
Peter Maiwald, 11th Grade Social Studies 
Robert Martz, 7th grade Learning Specialist
Sara Catalinotto, SETSS 
Sarah Glover, on leave 
Sherene Noble, 6th Grade ELA
Stephanie Francis, 6th Grade ELA
Steve Revell, Physical Education
Tadashi Dozono, 12th Grade Social Studies
Taeko Onishi, Principal (Co-Director)
Tracey McFarlin, Dance
Wuta Onda, 6th grade Field Studies 
Yani Santana, HS Learning Specialist
Yanira Mendez, Guidance Counselor – Middle School
Zoe LeJoy Campbell, 8th Grade Mathematics 
Zully Moore, 6th Grade Science