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Changing Family Habits and the Fresh Start

posted Feb 1, 2011, 2:01 PM by Keledy Kenkel   [ updated Mar 18, 2013, 4:05 PM by Jesse Alexander ]

Dear Lyons Families,

February is often seen as the dreariest month, but it also offers an opportunity to have a fresh start in the middle of the school year. Second semester started February 2nd and we officially marked that the school year’s halfway point.

What does it mean to be given a fresh start? People often idealize the fresh start, believing that everything will suddenly, and almost magically, be different. We want to believe that wishing something to be a particular way will automatically make it so. That isn’t the case. Instead the fresh start can be a tremendous amount of work. It involves changing habits as well as attitudes.

Nevertheless, we want to encourage all of you to see 2nd semester as a chance to make some changes you’ve been wanting to make, and recommit to some good habits that have gone by the wayside. What are some things you would like to change, or recommit to, in your family? Is it asking your child how school went every day? Is it getting your child out the door on time each morning? Is it spending more time reading something you love, so your child sees that everyone reads? Is it having dinner together as a family more often? Or playing a game or even watching TV together?

Sit down with your family sometime this week and talk about changes you would all like to see. You might start out by asking, what’s working? What do we all like about the habits we have gotten into as a family? You can then move onto, what can I do to help you be more successful at school? What can we all do to bring more happiness and joy into our lives each day?

With love, taeko

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