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News 2009-2010

Middle School Dance: On Friday, February 5th, Lyons had it's first official and full fledged school dance. Over 110 students showed up for food, fun and dancing. Evan, our 8th grade ELA teacher, brought his DJ skills to Lyons, and students thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Here's to the first of many successful dances at our school. 

February 3 - 5, 2010 - 8th Grade Immigration Plays: To culminate their integrated unit on Immigration, 8th grade Field Studies classes
put on plays about immigration. Humboldt did a play about the Puerto Rican "immigrant" experience in the 1990s, Stagg created one about Chinese immigration in the 1880s and Ten Eyck about Irish immigrants during the potato famine. Each class broke into three specialized groups; the actors, the stage hands and builders and the media group. Not only were the plays written and performed by the classes, but their poetry from English class and essays from Humanities, both on immigration, appeared in the "Playbill" handed out for each performance.

February 4, 2010 - Theater MAP 1 and 2 Performance: On Thursday evening a lucky audience was treated to a performance of "Clue" by the 9th grade theater class taught by Brian. With some help by the Urban Workshop crew and the painting MAP class, who made wooden set pieces and background sets respectively, the actors put on a stellar performance filled with murder, intrigue and non-stop humor. 

January 29, 2010 - 6th Grade "New York City as Muse" Presentations: 6th graders presented their body art on our own subway car in our hallway, sharing what they learned in their Field Studies unit on New York City as a place of endless inspiration for people. While on the subway our students studied fellow travelers, creating an internal monologue for some of the people they saw. What are people thinking as they ride the subway? What inspires them? The inner monologues were written on the drawings.) 

Talent Show: Our semiannual talent show was held on Friday, December 18th. We were treated to a series of impressive performances including some beautiful singing by students and staff, a fashion show and dancing of all sorts choreographed by our students.

November 25th, 2009 - Staff-Student Basketball Games: The day before Thanksgiving break, the students and staff challenged each other to a series of games, each grade against their grade team staff. Six games, two gym, three hours.....

Community Potluck: On Tuesday, November 24th, we had our second annual Community Potluck. Families, students and staff came together with food to celebrate our community. We were also treated to a performance from our dance troupe and a presentation about college readiness. 

Monday, November 2, 2009 - As part of their Marine Biology Field Studies class, 8th graders visited Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, Long Island. Visiting the aquarium provided them with the ability to see some of the species they studied earlier in the unit first hand. From local ecosystems to vibrantly colored coral reefs, students could really see how species are adapted to their environments. Some high-lights from this trip were seeing a Sea Lion show, holding horseshoe crabs and starfish, and even feeding stingrays!

Lyons celebrates people wearing glasses. On Tuesday, October 20th students and staff who wear glasses got their pictures taken to celebrate the importance of and  hipness of wearing glasses. 

Friday, September 18, 2009 - 6th Graders studying sculptures in Union Square as part of their Heroes Field Studies unit. 

Thursday, August 6th, 2009 - Lyons held its third annual summer potluck picnic in McCarren Park. New students and their families, current students, and staff all came together to play games and enjoy some delicious food and great conversation! 

August 4 - 6, 2009 - Fifty incoming students and much of our staff participated in our Summer Bridge program. Students coming into grades 6,8 and 9 met each other and staff, learned about Lyons, and had a great time together. We played games, did several object observations and did a photography project. Each student also met with a teacher for a one-on-one interview and diagnostic exam.