How To Donate to Lyons:
If you are interested in donating at this time, you can get more information by calling the school at 718-782-0918.
Ninth Grader Victor Gomez Garcia's public artwork from a September 2009 Field Studiestrip to Central Park.

Here are two other ways that you can help raise funds for Lyons:

  • Good Search

Use when searching on the Internet. Make Lyons Community School the organization you are supporting. Every time you search, the school gets 50% of the advertising revenue from GoodSearch!

Box Tops for Education
Collect box tops, and we get $0.10 for each one we collect. Look for the box tops logo on select food and retail items. See a list of items on
To Donate to Urban Workshop @ Lyons:
You can visit their donations page by clicking on the following link:
Lyons "Urban Workshop Students" inside a gazebo they just finished building in a community garden (2011).